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What to buy before year end?

Where should you spend your one million dollars of section 179 money before the end of the year?

Section 179 is the tax law provision that allows businesses to expense certain capital investments. For details regarding the law look here.

Complete or upgrade your technology infrastructure. If you still do not have computers in every treatment room linked to a server do that now. Every other high-tech system is dependent on a complete network. If you have a network but it is more than four years old, it needs upgrading. ($25,000 or less)

An alternative is to use XaaS. With this system the service company provides all the computers and networking and the dentist simply pays a monthly fee for the service. There are definite advantages to this however XaaS does not qualify for section 179.

Radiography. There is no excuse not to be exclusively using digital radiography in 2020. If you do not have a basic sensor system get one now. You only need one basic sensor linked to you practice management system. ($4,000)

If you have a sensor then consider a digital panoramic machine. You will be able to see and diagnose more effectively and it will pay for itself in less than a year. ($10,000)

If you are a surgeon or if you place implants then consider a Cone Beam CT. ($80,000)

An interesting alternative to x-rays for interproximal caries detection is the CariVu from Dexis.

Once these basics are taken care of you are ready to consider more advanced systems starting with digital impressions. You can start with an impression scanner only; you do not need to get a full CAD-CAM system with a mill. However, be sure you can add a mill in the future if you want. ($23,000)

Next look at getting a laser. Start with a soft tissue diode laser. You will be amazed at all you can do with one of these inexpensive lasers, starting with tissue troughing around preps. You will never need to pack cord again. ($1,800)

If you have everything on the list so far and are looking to take the next step, consider a hard tissue laser. My favorite is the Solea. They just introduced a new improved version. ($100,000)

As always you would be a fool to consider this tax or legal advice consult your CPA etc. etc. etc.