Which imaging system is better for diagnosing tooth cracks?

by Larry Emmott on January 30, 2017

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From Dr. Bicuspid:

…reported overwhelming evidence that CBCT is a preferred method for detecting vertical root fractures, compared with radiography.

Sensitivity of CBCT vs. radiography for teeth cracks
  CBCT Radiography
Graduate student 77.27% 22.73%
Endodontist 81.81% 8.19%
Radiologist 88.64% 11.36%

Source: Dental News, Dental education, Dental Social networking

The linked study compared users, grad students vs. radiologists vs. endodontists as well as devices PA vs CBCT. The evidence is clear that CBCT finds more fractures sooner than conventional 2 dimensional PAs.

However the study did not look at non radiographic techniques like The Canary or transillumination.

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