Wireless Sensor

MyRay was showing a Wirless Digital System (WDS) at the ADA. The sensor is attached by a short cord to a blue tooth transmitter about the size of a Myraycell phone. The sensor transmits to a blue tooth reciver plugged into a USB port of a nearby computer.

Blue tooth will transmit up to ten meters. That is plenty for any dental treatment room. It could even be used in a remote room that does not have a computer.

A really cool combination would be a MyRay sensor combined with the Nomad handheld X-Ray device.

Intra-oral sensor with Bluetooth® TechnologyFast and reliable, this widespread industry standard has become very popular on mobile phones.The small Bluetooth® receiving antenna plugs directly into the USB port of your PC. No need for expensive control boxes and receivers, nor additional investments to share the system among multiple treatment rooms. Just a small Bluetooth® antenna plugged into each computer. Bluetooth® allows for safe and reliable data transmissionThe transmitting device and the receiver recognize each other by name before sharing data, so that the images cannot be misaddressed. WDS features a large font display, showing the connection status in real time, the name of the sensor and the computer to which it is connected, so you can decide to show the X-ray images exactly where you need them.
Moreover, the reduced transmitting range avoids interferences with other wireless devices. No surprise Bluetooth® is the preferred technology in short range wireless applications.