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I am often asked to recommend a scanner for radiographs. In my opinion it is not necessary to use a special X-Ray Specific scanner. Any old desktop scanner will do as long as it has a transparency adaptor. This is a device that shines light through the item to be scanned and was originally intended for 35mm photographic slides yet works just as well with radiographs. A good consumer grade desktop scanner with a transparency adaptor like this one from Epson costs around $100.

The problem is that most transparency adaptors are designed to do three or four slides which translates to three or four x-ray films. If you want to scan a panoramic film or a full mouth series you need a much larger adaptor and these are few and far between. To make matters worse as soon as I find a decent example the manufacturers change the model.

Microtek the company linked below offers x-ray specific scanners. The good news is these models have large transparency adaptors and they cater to dentists scanning radiographs. The bad news is the scanners are priced from $900 and up.

The Medi-2200 is a Smart and Easy professional dental digitizer with full functions Digitizer for All Dental Films.

via Medi-2200, Microtek Online store.

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