XDR Diagnotic Features

I have long held that one of the primary benefits of digital radiography is the ability to use software to enhance the image and improve diagnostic efficiency.

All too often dentists, and even the vendors selling radiography to dentists, have been caught up in the mantra, what looks most like film. I assert this is the wrong question, what we should be asking is what is most diagnostic.

Diagnosing with a digital radiograph certainly starts with a high resolution image but with a digital image and good software we can do so much more. We can see things and interpret the images in ways that are just not possible with film.

Here is a simple example from XDR. XDR was developed by a dentist and in my opinion uses better software tools for actual diagnosis that most systems.

XDR Caries Original
XDR Caries Enhanced

Follow the link below for a whole series of example of software used to enhamce diagnosis. This includes grids for measurements, anti distortion tools, implant templates and more. A car is not merely a faster horse. Digital radiographs are not merely x-rays on a monitor but used properly with good software will enhance our diagnostic ability.

XDR Diagnotic Features.

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