ADA offers tips on preparing for possible HIPAA audit

hipaa-compliance-checklistThe ADA Center for Professional Success has tips to help dental practices who may be faced with an audit from the federal government to determine whether they are complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

Source: ADA offers tips on preparing for possible HIPAA audit

The first tip is to watch your e-mail including your junk e-mail file for an e-mail from this address: from

Most of the tips are common sense but may still be challenging to follow. My advice is that if you are in fact chosen for an audit do not attempt to go it alone. Just as you would seek the help of your CPA when faced with an IRS audit seek the help of a trained attorney when faced with a HIPAA audit. If you are found to be non compliant the fines can be significant, easily into six figures.

On the other hand your chances of being chosen as the subject of a random audit are very small…but they are not zero.

The tips are available at

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