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Aetna, Anthem, IBM Announce Healthcare Blockchain Collaborative

From Health IT Analytics:

Blockchain technology could reduce administrative errors and ensure the efficient exchange of health information, which would lead to improved patient outcomes and lower care costs. Although there have been multiple initiatives to digitize health information, significant advancements are still necessary, and these organizations will seek to move the industry forward.“This alliance will enable healthcare-related data and business transactions to occur in way that addresses market demands for transparency and security, while making it easier for the patient, payer and provider to handle payments,” said Chris Ward, head of product, PNC Treasury Management.“Using this technology, we can remove friction, duplication, and administrative costs that continue to plague the industry.”The collaborative will use blockchain to improve a range of issues, including promoting efficient claims and payment processing, enabling seamless health information exchanges, and maintaining current and accurate provider directories.

Source: Aetna, Anthem, IBM Announce Healthcare Blockchain Collaborative

I have long been of the opinion that the digitization  of dentistry and medicine will improve the human condition in amazing ways we can hardly imagine. However the primary issue holding it back is security. Perhaps Blockchain will be the answer?