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AGD Impact | Privacy and Social Media

Source: AGD Impact | Academy of General Dentistry  (subscription required)

I am thrilled and honored to have an article in the latest AGD Impact magazine. The topic is HIPAA and patient privacy with Social Media.


Photos and video are another area of potential concern. Patients need to sign a specific release (more on that later), and parents need to sign a release for children under eighteen. That’s easy enough but a photo issue most dentists rarely consider is the use of smart phone cameras by both staff and patients. For example Amy found a selfie of a patient standing in front of a monitor that had the daily schedule displayed with patient names treatments and other PHI clearly visible.

Patient use of smartphones in the treatment areas are an issue for a number of reasons. Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself in the chair with a rubber dam and suddenly taking selfies while seated in the dental chair has become a thing. 

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