All levels of security require that an approved user identify him or herself to the computer in order to gain access to protected data. The most common method of identification is a password. This system is easy and familiar but it is full of security holes. The computer doesn’t really know if the correct person is entering the password it just knows if the password is correct.

The solution to this problem is to use an authentication system which actually identifies the person from his or her individual biometric characteristics. A biometric device measures something unique about a person that can be used to positively identify an individual. There are many biometric options such as retinal scanners, voice recognition, and even 3D face recognition. However the system that is most accepted is the fingerprint scanner.

The fingerprint is ideally suited as a biometric identifier. It cannot be separated from its owner, the user can’t forget his or her fingers, fingers can’t be loaned to another staff member, a fingerprint can be read with little effort and, when combined with proper scanning technology, it offers a high- level of security.

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