Cell Phone Virus

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A Moving Target

Today, cell-phone viruses are not a big deal. But if you think your phone will always be safe, think again.

By Robert Lemos
Security companies have warned of the risks of mobile-phone viruses for the past five years, ever since the mass-mailing computer virus Timofonica grabbed headlines as the first cell-phone virus (a misnomer, since it was a PC-based virus that sent text messages to phones as a side effect).
Although there is real danger, few viruses have spread successfully on any mobile device—even fewer on popular cell phones—because infecting phones is not easy. Malicious programs cannot install themselves automatically on cell phones; users must allow them. For example, to be installed, Cabir requires a user to allow three different actions. Also, people rarely open attachments on cell phones, offering some protection against these early threats.

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