Data Protection Guide

Symantec has produced a data protection guide for small bussiness. You can find it here: (Registration is required.) Of course they offer a solution to all these problems. 🙂

Online attacks can disable computers, steal information, and defraud employees and customers. With individual companies being targeted for fraud and information theft, antivirus protection is essential, but is not enough against this new generation of spam, viruses, and online hazards.

Information loss has become so common that a few lost files, folders, and emails seem routine—until hardware failure, natural disaster, or catastrophic error exposes the real risk. In recent research studies, findings show half of the surveyed businesses have lost critical data at one point or another. Unmanaged, hit-or-miss backup processes are unreliable and can put your information at risk.

Unintended disclosure of confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information is embarrassing
and expensive—it damages your company’s reputation and undermines customers’ trust.
One careless click or fraudulent email can unknowingly trick employees into broadcasting
confidential or sensitive information to the Internet.

Inefficiency, complexity, and the cost of managing multiple single-purpose products can drain valuable time, resources, and profit from your business and leave you with unprotected gaps. Consistently monitoring technology that requires constant attention takes your mind off your business—and that’s no bargain at any price.

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