Dealing with Ransomware

Silhouette of a hacker isloated on black

From the Off the Cusp Blog:

The most recent research reports that the number of new pieces of ransomware detected has better than doubled between January 1, 2015, and September 30, 2015, bringing the total number to more than 5 million pieces of ransomware!

Source: Dealing with Ransomware – Off The Cusp

I am aware of a number of dentists who have been the victims of Ransomware. A truly odious form of Cyber Extortion.

Protect yourself with three security basics.

  • Firewall
  • Anti-malware
  • Offsite back up

Sadly buying off the shelf DIY solutions will leave you open to hackers. You need to pay the extra fee to have an IT professional set up your security systems.

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