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Dental Assistants, Pigs and Using Strong Passwords

Pig-SmileIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from February on security and passwords.

We need passwords for two quite distinct issues; internal and external security. Internal passwords limit what practice data staff members can access or manipulate. Having good internal security is all about fraud detection and protection. External passwords are for online accounts such as banks, suppliers, phone services, credit cards, e-services, labs and others. External security protects against unauthorized use by staff members, and more importantly from roving cyber hackers looking to steal your data or manipulate your accounts.

via Emmott On Technology: The Word on Creating and Using Strong Passwords |

Passwords are the first line of defense against internal fraud and external hacker attacks. Yet they are rarely used well because it is just too much hassle. This article has hints on creating easy to use yet hard to break passwords and a link to a site to test your password strength. Oh…and pigs.

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