Dental Security Researcher, Justin Shafer, At The Center Of Emoji-Gate Heading Home After 8 Months in Jail, Feds Drop Five Felony Charges

From Techdirt:

The security researcher who was at the center of an audacious and disturbing government demand to unmask several Twitter accounts on the basis of an apparently menacing smiley emoji contained in one of them is now facing zero prison time for his supposed harassment of an FBI agent. Justin Shafer, who was originally facing five felony charges, has agreed to plead guilty to a single misdemeanor charge. Shafer, who spent eight months in jail for blogging about the FBI raiding his residence repeatedly, is finally going home…

…What started out as normal security research soon became a nightmare for Shafer. His uncovering of poor security practices in the dental industry — particularly the lack of attention paid to keeping HIPAA information secured — led to his house being raided by FBI agents.

Source: Security Researcher At The Center Of Emoji-Gate Heading Home After Feds Drop Five Felony Charges | Techdirt

Essentially the FBI had no case and dropped all charges. Read the whole thing.