Do not click on links or popups saying you are infected

This is truly odious. Thanks to Pact-One for the heads up, click the link below for the full blog article.

A new variant of the Malware Protection ransomware has been released called Anti-Child Porn Spam Protection. This ransomware pretends to be from a legitimate government organization that states that the infected computer is sending out SPAM that contains links to child pornography sites

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This malware is targeting Windows Servers. Specifically ones that have remote desktop enabled. The best post about this nasty virus can be found here:
There is also a decent thread on the forums at Bleeping Computer:

Best advice I can give anyone reading this is if you ever see the notice on the screen that you’ve been infected the best course of action to take is to immediately power off the server. Unplug the power cable if you have to. You’ll do far less damage to your data by losing power than what this virus does. You MIGHT be able to recover some of your data/documents if you do that. Otherwise you’ll be left hoping that your backup strategy was working and not connected to the computer when you were hit.

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