Mobile Security

Do you offer free WiFi? Put these three safeguards in place to protect your patients and your business.

Criminal hackers can either “sniff your packets” when you use a “Free WiFi” system at a hotel or coffee shop that could lead to a serious data breach. Or they could take advantage of your open office WiFi system to either run a criminal enterprise or to hack your dental network. Whatever they do it is bad and you can and should apply some simple measures to protect yourself.

Free wireless is everywhere, because Wi-Fi brings in customers and is a great tool to help create customer loyalty as well. Numerous merchants, including hotels, coffee joints, fast food places and numerous others with a storefront, offer free Wi-Fi to attract people and increase sales.

via How To Stop Criminal Hackers In Their Tracks | OPEN Forum.

The three safeguards are:

  1. Use a web proxy/filter
  2. Add an agreeable use policy
  3. Implement a secure Wi-Fi.

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