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Expert Questions Claim That St. Jude Pacemaker Was Hacked

From IEEE Spectrum:

Last week, a controversial report claimed that pacemakers and other implantable heart devices made by the manufacturer St. Jude Medical have massive security flaws that leave them vulnerable to hacking. Now, medical device security expert Kevin Fu, an associate professor at University of Michigan, is questioning the accuracy of that report.

Source: Expert Questions Claim That St. Jude Pacemaker Was Hacked – IEEE Spectrum

Whether or not the particular devices in question are hackable the whole discussion points out once again the concerns with security and the Internet of things. Of course having your pacemaker report online to the cardiologist has great advantages. But if some malicious hacker can use it to stop your heart, well that’s not so great.

One of the biggest hacks in recent history the Target data breach was supposedly initiated through an Internet of things connection and the HVAC system.

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