Hackers demand more than $1M in bitcoin from Washington hospital

by Larry Emmott on August 29, 2019

in Security

From Becker’s:

The hackers likely gained access to the hospital’s information systems through a phishing email attempt, which allowed the unauthorized party to infect the system with ransomware, Grays Harbor Community Hospital CEO Tom Jensen told Daily World. For the ransom, the hackers demanded the equivalent to $1 million in bitcoin,

Source: Hackers demand more than $1M in bitcoin from Washington hospital

Ransomware continues to be the number one cyber threat facing healthcare providers. The ransom demand in the linked article is a huge escalation in demands. Most past ransom demands have been for much more modest amounts in the tens of thousands of dollars or even less. I find it hard to imagine a regional hospital could come up with a fast million dollars in cash.

Two primary steps you need to protect yourself:

  1. Have good offsite backups.
  2. Have staff training to recognize cyber phishing and other attacks. The majority of ransomware attacks are initiated through an innocent appearing e-mail.

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