Hackers Have Seized 38 Million Adobe Customer Records

Adobe-LogoFrom Gizmodo:

Adobe has admitted that hackers have snatched over 38 million Adobe IDs and encrypted passwords, along with credit card information, reports Reuters. Adobe spokeswoman Heather Edell told Reuters that the company believes the attackers obtained access to “many invalid Adobe IDs, inactive Adobe IDs, Adobe IDs with invalid encrypted passwords and test account data.”

But that neatly squirms out of the fact that many customers will have had authentic details snatched, too.

via Hackers Have Seized 38 Million Adobe Customer Records.

This is important for three reasons.

If you are an Adobe customer you might be at risk.

Storing sensitive personal data online cannot be made 100% safe. This has to include medical information. Are we OK with that? As much as I love the concept of an integrated EHR stored on the cloud I acknowledge there are security risks.

Do not use the same easy to remember password all the time. If it is compromised on one site it makes you vulnerable on all the others. On the other hand it is not possible to remember multiple complex passwords. An acceptable solution is a password manager. I use RoboForm.

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