Healthcare Industry Accounts for 88% of Ransomware Attacks

This is amazing…and frightening.

In Q2 2016, 88% of all detected ransomware attacks affected its healthcare clients,…

He attributed the targeted attacks to a perceived lack of protection against ransomware. Healthcare organizations are viewed by the hacking community to be poorly equipped to deal with cyberattacks compared to other industries such as the financial sector, although he did point out “We have no empirical data to show that.”

Source: Healthcare Industry Accounts for 88% of Ransomware Attacks

Read the linked article for details.

Most ransomware attacks start with an employee clicking on a link in an e-mail or a web page that then infects the computer. Spam e-mails are sent out by the millions and just a few unsuspecting people need to click to make it worthwhile for the cyber criminals. In addition the potential harm from lack of access to medical data is significant enough that healthcare providers tend to pay up.

Protecting yourself starts with education.


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