How health-care companies are using AI to beat hackers

From The Week:

AI and machine learning are part of a bigger attempt to overhaul cybersecurity. As attacks continue to increase, health-care companies have learned that it’s not enough to rely on anti-virus or anti-malware protection to stop eager hackers from infiltrating their systems. They’re starting to figure out hacker patterns and blocking them before they can get their hands on patient records or data. They’re also saying goodbye to vulnerable passwords and relying on more secure methods, like biometrics — think fingerprints and eyeball scans.

Source: How health-care companies are using AI to beat hackers

I like this idea. The weak link in security is usually the human interface. The success of a cyber intrusion is not determined by the sophistication of the malware but by the lack of sophistication of the user.

For example the fastest growing cyber threat in healthcare is ransomware. It is most often launched when a user clicks on an innocuous looking e-mail.

In theory an AI could learn to recognize phishing e-mails and other attacks and provide protection.