How malware can harm your dental practice

From PACT-ONE Solutions Blog:

Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report shows a staggering 25% increase in cyberattacks using malware. Without the proper security measures, the effects of malware on your dental practice can be costly and devastating.

#1. Disruption of operations

#2. Stolen data

#3. Extortion

#4. Keylogging

#5. Defacing your site

#6. Destroying your reputation

Source: How malware can harm your dental practice – Las Vegas, Pleasant Hill, San Diego | PACT-ONE Solutions, Inc

There are two critical components to cyber security. One is having the proper technology in place like anti virus protection, a firewall and data encryption. However the second is even more important. Staff training.

Many if not most cyber intrusions are the result of a staff person inadvertently clicking a link or failing a protocol that allows the cyber criminal access to your system.