How Safe Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud-SecurityFrom Amex Open Forum:

If the cloud… isn’t secure enough for Google, should any business trust the cloud to store important documents and data?

Thomas Trappler, a corporate IT security adviser and director of software licensing for UCLA, recently told The Seattle Times that businesses need to be more cautious when deciding where to store sensitive information and data. Cloud technologies are always marketed to businesses as safe, but realistically not all cloud storage is alike.

via Google Exec’s Gaffe Makes Us Wonder: How Safe Is Cloud Computing? | OPEN Forum.

I am such a cheerleader for technology I often neglect the possible negative outcomes in favor of the glorious possibilities. However the continuous stories in the news regarding data loss and hacks, like the Adobe losing 38 million user accounts and the NSA allowing a mid-level employee like Edward Snowden to steal top secret data makes me less enthusiastic.

The benefits of big data promise to be amazing and have already improved the human condition. We just need to decide if the benefits are worth the risk.

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