Incredible Data Growth

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WomanAtComputerSusan, an employee of a major insurance company, clicked on her email at work to open a cute home video her friend Debbie sent. That 20mb video file was then stored in her email and, at the end of the day, was diligently backed up by her company’s data storage solution. Just one year later after daily backups of Susan’s email, that one video now takes up 7300 MB of space!

Incredible Data Growth

The incredible growth in the amount of electronic data generated for both business and personal use has resulted in higher costs for data storage and backup. Several factors have lead to these spiraling cost increases, including storage of larger files such as video and audio, multiple backups of the same files, and enforcement of industry compliance regulations. How often is your company backing up duplicate data over the course of a year?
With the exponential increase in the storage of email, video, mp3 files and other large sized files, business storage needs have grown accordingly. In addition to backing up business information, company computers often end up as the de facto backup for personal music, videos and email, resulting in additional backup storage costs for businesses.

Currently, 75% of documents are stored in email. In 2008 alone, more than 210 billion emails were sent.1 Backing up the same email attachments sent to different people in the same organization results in increased storage requirements, costs and time for backups.


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