Corona Pandemic Security

Large Increase in Cyber-Attacks & Phishing Scams, Don’t Be Fooled

From Advanced Automation:

In the last few weeks, we have seen a surge of cyber-attacks and phishing emails circulating, Hackers know that many people are working from home, and using new apps and/or processes for the first time. Users being out of their normal element are much more susceptible to deception. Here are some tips:

  • Do not open emails you do not recognize.
  • Avoid clicking any links in emails, even if they look legit. See our previous blog post on recognizing phishing attacks here How to Spot Phishing Attempts.
  • Do not download any new apps without consulting your IT professionals.
  • Be wary of any emails pertaining to Covid-19. This is a gold mine for hackers launching phishing attacks.
  • There are some good anti-phishing products out that include training and filtering components that are becoming an essential part of cyber-security.

Scammers want to steal your identity and/or install ransomware on your computers. Read our article on How to Spot Phishing Attempts for more information.

Additionally, beware of “SBA Loan Officers” that contact you. There will be a stream of people claiming to work for the SBA, the Government, or a lending institution to help you secure a loan or grant linked to the stimulus package that just passed. Do not give your financial info, tax returns, etc. to just anyone. Do not upload those documents to any random website unless you use your Bank’s secure portal or directly.