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Lock Down and Encrypt Your Smartphone

unlockFrom Wired:

Your smartphone is your most portable computer. It’s also a treasure trove of personal information. You wouldn’t leave your laptop unlocked in public, so why leave your phone unprotected? Lock up that data and encrypt it…

..for some reason a third of smartphone users in the U.S. still don’t bother setting up password security on their phones. It’s a shame because using a four-digit pin or a pattern lock is one of the easiest ways to keep thieves out of your phone.

via Don’t Be Silly. Lock Down and Encrypt Your Smartphone | Gadget Lab |

Locking your smart phone is not only a good idea for personal use it is a great idea when it comes to HIPAA. If your smart phone has access to practice data and you lose it or it is stolen then you are assumed guilty of a data breach by HIPAA unless…your device is encrypted.

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