Medical ID Theft Increases as U.S. Health Data Goes Digital

SFrom Bloomberg News:

Medical identity theft jumped 22 percent last year as more U.S. health data becomes electronic and easier for cyber criminals to steal from doctors’ offices, hospitals and insurers…

Unlike with financial-data theft, where the credit card company or bank picks up the tab and a new card is issued, medical identity theft can be much more costly and time consuming. It took an average of 200 hours to resolve a case, the study found. Health-care providers are also less savvy at fighting cyber criminals than retailers or banks since they haven’t been a target for as long.

via Medical ID Theft Increases as More U.S. Health Data Goes Digital – Bloomberg Business.

The linked article refers to both basic identity theft and to specific medical identity theft when a thief uses a other persons identity to get medical treatment. It also notes that on the black market a medical identity can sell for as much as ten times more than a basic identity.

The article quotes Ann Patterson, a senior vice president for the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance.



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