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Medical Privacy In Our Biologically Upgraded Future


…suppose you want to assure that some portion of your medical history stays secret. Is this going to be possible? Yes, I think so. The way to keep your medical state secret: Make sure only you know it.

What’s needed: the ability to test, diagnose, and treat ourselves…

Who will have a really big need to keep parts of their medical history secret? For starters, anyone who makes banned upgrades to their bodies. Athletes obviously come to mind. But a variety of body and mind alterations will be banned by governments…

Keep in mind that anything that goes into a data repository about you might some day come out in a court case or as part of a massive corporate data breach.

via FuturePundit: Medical Privacy In Our Biologically Upgraded Future.

In theory I am a fan of digital medical records that can be accessed for research purposes. Combining big data results for diagnosis, treatments, outcomes and even genetics has the potential to vastly improve the human condition.

However as the linked article points out recent events indicate complete online privacy is not really possible. The only way to insure privacy is not to go online. However it is my understanding that to use the soon to be available DIY diagnostics the user will need to access the online data bases to determine what the diagnostic indicates and what if anything should be done.

For now it is good advice to assume anything that goes online is discoverable. On the other hand the potential benefits of online medicine are immense. As usual it is a trade off between benefits and risks.

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