Modern Malware Threats and Countermeasures

The link below is to a free white paper in fact it is an extensive 17 page report. Most dentists don’t need to read the whole thing but it is a good idea to be aware. However do not over react. The truth is that there is a risk when using technology. But there are risks in everything we do. You risk a fiery death every time you get in a car yet we all drive around every day because the benefit is worth the risk.

In your dental office software, as a minimum, have an enterprise level anti virus anti malware system running at the modem/router level. Have it updated often. Use common sense when opening and responding to e-mail  and make sure your staff has a sophisticated knowledge of the issues. Password protect the network and  critical information.

Spyware, or its more correct term malware, is an ever-evolving beast of software development that today ties heavily into the desire for financial gain. Malware developers are no longer disgruntled kids writing scripts from the computer in their grandmother’s basement.

via Modern Malware Threats and Countermeasures – White Paper.

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