Password Basics

Computer security experts suggest we use unique passwords for each account, use at least seven characters with a mix of numbers letters, upper and lower case and even symbols. Do not use the same password all the time and do not use the ever popular “password” or equally common “12345”. That is all good advice but it is all but impossible to follow.

Far more commonly in the dental office we follow the no-same-sticky protocol. That is there is either no password, everybody always uses the same password or the password is attached to the computer with a sticky note.

Actually we need passwords for two quite distinct issues; internal and external security. Internal passwords limit what practice data staff members can access or manipulate. Having good internal security is all about fraud detection and protection. External passwords are for online accounts like banks, suppliers, phone services, credit cards, e-services, labs and others. External security protects against unauthorized use by staff members and more importantly from roving cyber stalkers looking to steal your data or manipulate your account.

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