PCI Compliance

computer-hackerFrom Bank of America:

If you think your business is too small for thieves to target, think again. Small businesses are now seen as easy targets. A Visa® analysis has found that small merchants accounted for more than 80 percent of data security breaches.2 A breach can cost over $200 per compromised record 3, and can expose your business to chargebacks, fines from banks or regulators, and loss of your customers’ trust.

via PCI DSS Compliance – Bank of America Merchant Services.

As dental professionals we are rightly concerned with patient health information data confidentiality and HIPAA. However we also need to be concerned with general identity information and credit card numbers.

The finance industry has standards called PCI for handling credit card data. Do not try and set up an online or credit card on file system on your own. Contract with a reputable company that has the proper PCI protocols in place.

I have seen dentists store credit card numbers as a note in a patient file or on a spreadsheet casually kept in the My Documents file. This is not safe and it is not fair to your patients. Plus if you do have a breach and the data is lost you could be on the hook for significant fines.

There are many services that can provide secure credit card transaction including online payments. Dentrix users should try PowerPay an integrated e-service.

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