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Practice Safeguard, an eService for Detecting Fraud

141651-400x300In case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from July.

…the same systems that make sharing information quick and easy also make it quick and easy for people to steal from us.”

However if you continue with that thought we also should be able to use the power of digital information to quickly and easily track and detect dental fraud. A new Product calledPractice Safeguard does just that…

To use Practice Safeguard, the dentist does not need to enter any data, run reports or monitor findings. The system does it for you automatically. The findings are constantly updated on a practice dashboard, and an alert is sent whenever an extreme issue is detected.

For example if Practice Safeguard detects that entries are being made after hours in the middle of the night, an immediate alert is sent to the dentist’s cell phone and email.

In addition to afterhours activity the system examines collection ratios, zero charges, adjustments and the deposit summary looking for anomalies. But that is not all. The experienced fraud investigators who helped develop the product have included many confidential items they know from experience indicate possible fraud but aren’t obvious to the people committing fraud or to the casual observer.

via Emmott On Technology: Practice Safeguard, a New eService for Preventing Dental Fraud |

We need to protect our IT systems from two different types of threats; internal and external.

External threats are hackers, malicious software, theft and even hardware failure. These are the threats that are addressed by HIPAA security standards.

Internal threats are employees who use their computer access to steal from the practice. Sadly dentistry is rife with stories of highly trusted team members who use any number of schemes to embezzle from the doctor. Computer systems just make embezzlement faster and easier.

However we can also use the power of technology to monitor our records and detect fraud as it is happening. The linked article describes an e-service for Dentrix users called Practice Safeguard.

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