Practice Safeguard

PracticeSafeGuardIn the past I have written:

“As much as I love high tech I reluctantly admit that the same systems that make sharing information quick and easy also make it quick and easy for people to steal from us.”

However if you continue with that thought we should also be able to use the power of digital information to quickly and easily track and detect fraud. A new Product called Practice Safeguard does just that.

Dr. Don Lewis an oral surgeon who experienced a loss to fraud teamed with forensic accountants and certified fraud examiners to develop a web-based tool that helps deter fraud by monitoring extreme and unusual transactions in your practice data. Practice Safeguard alerts you instantly to potential issues so that you can resolve violations and protect your income.

It is designed to work with Dentrix G5 and is available in the Dentrix Marketplace or directly from the developers (800-771-0632). They are currently offering “Early Adopter” pricing.

The most recent issue of Dentrix Magazine has an interesting article about Practice Safeguard and the experience of some early users. If you want to see it firsthand it will be featured at the Business of Dentistry Conference in Las Vegas August 8-10.

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