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Protect Your Clinical Notes from Tampering

In Dentrix, providers can use the clinical notes in the Patient Chart to keep thorough, clear dental records that are signed and dated. Signing a clinical note moves it into history, meaning it can no longer be edited or deleted. However, if changes need to be made, you can post an addendum to the note.

Source: Dentrix Tip Tuesdays: Protect Your Clinical Notes from Tampering

Clinical notes seem to be a huge speed bump for dental offices trying to go paperless. Dentists think they have to do a lot of typing or they believe they have some sort of special note system that won’t translate well to the computer. I often see dental offices that have everything in place to go paperless except they cling to the old paper record and make written procedure entries.

The fact is that Dentrix supports automatic pre-written entries on several levels that will make your notes much faster and more complete. Then using the system linked above you can sign and lock the notes.


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