Ransomware, phishing attacks target dentists

From ADA News:

An estimated 432 dental practices were impacted Aug. 26 in a ransomware attack against DDS Safe, a service from The Digital Dental Record, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Dental Association that provides IT products and services to dentists. DDS Safe is a system that facilitates secure data backups for dental practice computer systems…

…It is too early in the investigation to determine whether any practice or patient data were accessed or compromised, Mr. Paget said. As of Aug. 30, the Wisconsin Dental Association’s legal counsel advised it was premature to notify patients that their information could have been compromised, as the scope of the attack was not yet known.

“We don’t want to inform patients that information has been compromised if it hasn’t, nor do we want to make assurances that data was not compromised if it was,” he said. “While that process may be unsettling, it is important that the investigation be completed before sending out any notifications.”

Source: Ransomware, phishing attacks target dentists

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From the article it appears the victims were not individual dentists but DDS Safe the company that was supposed to be providing secure back ups. That is bad enough but to make matters worse DDS Safe was endorsed by the state dental society.

Ransomware continues to be the most common cyberthreat facing dentists. As noted in the ADA report the attacks came through phishing. That is the use of what appear to be legitimate e-mails to lure victims into clicking and allowing malware to infect your system. One of the best things you can do to protect your office from ransomware is to provide training to help team members detect suspect e-mails.