Rev Back Up

The following comes directly off the Iomega press release

Reliable data backups are a necessity in all businesses. Yet the most common storage alternatives have limitations as backup devices. Optical drives have weaknesses of reliability, capacity, and speed.  Hard drives are not an archive medium and compared to a REV disk, they have weaknesses of shock and vibration reliability and expandability. Tape drives, which are designed for backup, require regular head cleaning and have weaknesses of drive cost, speed, and reliability. The tapes themselves require periodic tape re-tensioning and careful storage.

Compared to these options, Iomega’s REV products are a uniquely simple and reliable backup technology. Designed to provide the performance of a hard drive with the removability of tape, the REV technology has garnered many industry awards as an ideal tape-replacement solution for SMBs because of its durability, rewritability, reliability, and excellent price-performance.

This is not inexpensive. The Rev drive is $600 and the disks are $70 ea. Look here for details. Iomega has identified health care specifically as an industry that would benefit from the Rev system.

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