Small Business Computer Security Computer Passwords

From Microsoft. No snide comments about the security of certain popular products from a certain software company with soft and micro in the name 🙂

Why Your Business is at Risk
Most small businesses use passwords to authenticate identity — whether on computers or cash registers or alarm systems. While there are more sophisticated authentication options — for instance, smart cards and fingerprint or iris scans — passwords are most common because they are easy to use.
They’re also easily misused. Computer-savvy crooks have automated tools that help them come up with simple passwords in mere minutes. Other devious sorts may use fraud to get employees to divulge passwords.
But all too often, the bad guys (and office snoops) get a free ride:
•Sensitive information is not password-protected, allowing anyone to walk up to an unsecured computer and log on
•Passwords are weak and/or never changed
•Passwords are written on a sticky note and posted right next to a computer

Small Business Computer Security Checklist: Computer Passwords.