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The Best Antivirus Software in 2011

The article linked below has reviews for both personal use and for business use. For your home system there are several good free options that the article outlines.

For your business you need a more robust application  that will not slow down your practice management system. You can use the linked article as a knowledge resource. On the other hand this is such an important issue if you are not a geek by nature it is probably best to get advice and support from your local IT expert. For example Henry Schein Tech Centraloffers a complete security and malware protection service customized to dental offices.

…when I say “antivirus” I mean a utility that protects against all kinds of malicious software, not just viruses. Trojans, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, adware, scareware – a proper antivirus must handle all of these.

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