The frightening new frontier for hackers: Medical records

From Modern Healthcare:

As health records have gone digital in the past seven years, they’ve become far more vulnerable to poaching—and far more valuable to thieves, who can sell a complete medical record for more than $1,000 on the darknet. That’s because the records contain not just your insurance info—which can be used for fraudulent billing and prescriptions—but also Social Security, driver’s license and credit card numbers.

Source: The frightening new frontier for hackers: Medical records – Modern Healthcare

If a dental record is worth $1,000 on the darknet and you have 3,000 patients in your computer then your records are worth 3 million dollars to a hacker. That makes you a target. On the other hand I have read vastly different estimates on the black market worth of a dental record ranging from $200 to the $1,000 reported here.

Medical dental records are intended to be shared. One of the great benefits of digital records is the ease of transmission and sharing. That makes securing them while maintaining reasonable access a challenge. Other sensitive digital records such as bank accounts are intended to be confidential and access is limited making security less of a burden.



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