Trump Administration Wants to Take On Medical-Records Puzzle

by Larry Emmott on March 13, 2018

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From Bloomberg via ADA News:

“At a time when health-care data is being generated from so many sources, too often that data runs into the hard walls of closed systems that hold patients, and their information, hostage,” said Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,

…“Patients ought to have control of their records in a useful format, period. When they arrive at a new provider, they should have a way of bringing their records,” Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said on Monday.

Source: Trump Administration Wants to Take On Medical-Records Puzzle – Bloomberg

This is fabulous. I hope something comes of it besides talk.

They are addressing two of my biggest concerns, issues we have been discussing for years;  “Who Owns the Data?” and “Interoperability“.

It is scandalous that we cannot transfer a digital patient record from one office to another.

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