Wall of Shame Updated

The department of Health and Human Services maintains a website commonly called “The Wall of Shame.” If you are found to have a data breach of more than 500 records your case will be posted on the wall. Here is the updated 2016 version:


Wall of Shane16

The vast majority of the cases are medical including hospitals clinics and insurance plans. However there are several dentists. The table is searchable but it does not differentiate between dentists and other health care professionals. The tab just lists entity as healthcare provider. You need to infer that the entity is a dentist based on the name.

It is not possible to search by breach type but a casual scroll through the listings  shows that many if not most of the cases result from the theft of a computer or other device that has the data on it. The best way to protect yourself and your patients from a data breach by theft is to encrypt the data on the server.

The three biggest cases involving many millions of lost records are all health care plans that were hacked.

PCIHIPAA provides a nice service to help you become HIPAA compliant and then cover you in case of a data loss.

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