What me worry?

Which is more likely to kill you?

A: a deer

B: a shark

Surprise; you are 300 hundred times more likely to be killed by a deer than a shark. Each year deer kill close to 200 people by jumping in front of a moving car. On the other hand only eight fatal shark attacks were reported along the Pacific Coast of the United States in the 20th century. Eight deaths in a hundred years. (HT Dr. Nancy Haller.)

Which is more likely to kill your computer?

A: a virus

B: a fire

The answer, according to Craig Wright the President of Continu Data Services is a fire.

However malware attacks (such as computer virus) are exciting and like shark attacks they are hyped and sensationalized by the media.

The lesson: It is OK to go swimming and it is OK to use the Internet…just be sure to make a back up.

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