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What You Actually Need To Know About The Changes to Facebook Privacy

Many Facebook users are frantically posting a “copyright protection notice” on their Walls to try to keep Facebook from violating their privacy by copying, disseminating, sharing, leaking, licking, scratching, biting, or clawing the contents of their Facebook accounts. It’s complete legal mumbo jumbo that’s not enforceable or binding on Facebook,…

via What You Actually Need To Know About The Changes Facebook Is Making To Its Privacy Policy – Forbes.

Facebook announced new privacy policy changes around midnight the night before Thanksgiving. Are they trying to slip by unnoticed? As is often the case with Facebook the effect of the changes is not outwardly apparent even the experts are confused, but many people assume it will be bad, hence the rash of copyright notices. The linked Forbes article takes a more thoughtful approach and is worth reading if you are concerned.

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