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When Everything Works Like Your Cell Phone

From the Atlantic:

When a thing connects to the Internet, three things happen: it becomes smart, it becomes hackable, and it’s no longer something you own.

via When Everything Works Like Your Cell Phone – The Atlantic.

The linked article hits on what has been a major theme of this blog. “Who Owns the Data?”  (See the previous article below) If medical dental data is stored on the cloud and shared with various entities who owns it? Is it OK to use the data for analysis and research? Can it be bought and sold?

The article goes further with this observation. If a device is connected to the Internet the user loses some control. A simple example is a smart phone. You may own the phone but the service provider or the manufacturer can disable functions and lock the device at any time. If someone else can control it without your consent who really owns the device?

More troubling is that any device that is connected can be hacked. It is bad enough that the service provider can control your phone but it is much worse when a malicious third party can take control.

Right now this issue is most obvious with phones however more and more devices are being connected in what is called “The Internet of Things”. It may be swell when OnStar opens your car door for you when you are locked out but do you really feel OK about some big server in the sky knowing where you are and how fast you are traveling at all times. And if OnStar can open the door so can a hacker.

We are rapidly moving from cars and phones to connected refrigerators, thermostats, and x-ray machines.

I am a huge fan of digital technology and see amazing future opportunities’ to improve the human condition with a connected world. On the other hand security and ownership issues remain unresolved.

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