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Why Registering Your Software Does Matter

Most dentists are aware enough to register their primary software like Dentrix or Eaglesoft. However we often use general business applications as well, everything from QuickBooks to Adobe Acrobat and it is easy to neglect to register these seemingly secondary applications. The linked PC Magazine story makes the case that registering these products can save you a lot of time money and hassle just in case.

Everyone knows they’re supposed to register software. Who could overlook the bright slip of paper that nags you to navigate to a webpage and complete an online form. But let’s be honest, for most of us, registration falls casualty to the excitement of installing the latest game, or the anxiety of getting that security suite loaded. However, with today’s Web-aware software, all it takes is one hard drive failure to cost you a pricey software license. Reader Mark Mattson shares how he averted his security nightmare.

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