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Why the ‘list’ is becoming the hacker’s new weapon

AADP Cyber Security Panel

Debi Carr will be participating in a Cyber Security panel that I am moderating at the AADP meeting in Orlando March 5, 2020. Following is one of her articles from Dr. Bicuspid.

Recently, several companies were attacked and did not pay the ransom for various reasons. They thought they were in the clear. However, the hackers created a website with a “list” of all the companies that failed to pay. The list also contained several files from Microsoft Office, including Word files and PDF files. This makes the incident a “data breach.”

Debi offers four steps to protect yourself and your patients. Click the link for the whole article.

Disaster plan

Risk analysis


Best practices

Source: Why the ‘list’ is becoming the hacker’s new weapon

See you in Orlando.