Will HIPAA Audits Result in Settlements?

hipaa-compliance-checklistFrom – HealthcareInfoSecurity:

“This [new] program will be different from the original program. The original program was aimed at education – educating covered entities on their compliance obligations. This round of audits, the government has indicated, will really be more focused on meeting compliance obligations, less about education – and there will be more – I think – possibilities of settlements or enforcement actions coming out of the program,” she notes.

Source: Will HIPAA Audits Result in Settlements? – HealthcareInfoSecurity

Basically the article says random HIPAA audits will be increasing and this time you are likely to be fined rather than warned.

  • Guidance in Preparing for an audit
    • Practices will need to provide at a minimum:
      • Risk Assessment – baseline document that government has said over and over – as required under the HIPAA Security Rule
      • 2/3 of audited entities have not completed a Risk Assessment and/or have no documentation
      • Required Policies and Procedures
      • Appointing Security and Privacy Officer (s)
  • Business Associates will most likely also be included in the random audits this round

For more help including an online assessment look here:

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