Yahoo’s Hacked Accounts: No Answers, No Solutions Yet

From National Review:

Facts are in dispute, Yahoo’s explanations are conflicting, and Congress can’t agree what to do.

…this much we do know: On September 22, Yahoo admitted that some 500 million accounts had been stolen by hackers, including encrypted passwords, names, phone numbers, e-mails, but not banking information. The breach actually occurred two years ago, but apparently Yahoo only discovered the theft some weeks before the public announcement.

Source: Yahoo’s Hacked Accounts: No Answers, No Solutions Yet | National Review

Read the linked article for lots of complicating detail. The bottom line is that there is much we do not know, everyone agrees something must be done but can’t agree on what that something might be.

In dentistry we are expected to comply with complex data security rules as part of the HIPAA omnibus law. The rules are wide ranging and complex but there is little evidence they make any real difference. Most reported medical / dental data breaches are not hacking incidents but lost or stolen hardware where the data is not in fact used or sold by cyber criminals.

One rule that does protect the office from the consequences of a breach and does protect patient confidentiality is to encrypt all patient data on the server and any back ups

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