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CAD CAM it just keeps Getting Better

CAD CAM dentistry has passed a significant tech milestone. It has gone from oddity practiced by fringe non conformists to bedrock mainstream dentistry.

To be sure CAD CAM dentist are still a minority however it is now a technology the majority of dentists are considering. That was not the case just a few years ago. There are many factors behind this transition including an improved understanding of digital technology by the industry in general as well as the success stories of early adaptor CAD CAM pioneers. However one of the primary reasons the technology has gained general acceptance is that it is just a whole lot better now than it used to be.

Recent advancements have included better more esthetic materials, improved image acquisition, faster more accurate milling machines and now the most recent improvement from Cerec the introduction of advanced software; Cerec 4.0.

Cerec 4.0

According to Roddy MacLeod, vice president of CAD/CAM for Sirona. “This is much more than an upgrade; this is a major re-engineering of the Cerec software platform.”

The changes include a host of subtle improvements to workflow and onscreen actions that will be apparent to long time Cerec users. However the importance is not merely the individual changes but the overall result which is a faster, easier, more intuitive and largely automatic process to create a crown with Cerec software.

This is the result of significant improvements to the Biogeneric system. Biogenerics uses the patient’s own dentition to create a new restoration. The software looks at the significant features of the dental anatomy, the central fossa placement, cusp position marginal ridges and heights of contour and creates them for you. It automates many of the things that used to take time and require a skilled technician.

4.0 is scheduled for release in September. However Cerec is planning a big gala introduction for the ADA Annual meeting in October.

New buyers of Cerec will be upgraded as soon as the final release is available. Existing users need a minimum of a 64 bit system with a Blue Cam for immediate upgrade.

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Dear Dr Larry,

I am reliably informed that redcam users will also upgrade as well. A 64 bit mvtitan driver is already available for download from the capture card supplier.


Dr Chris Lauf

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