Consumer Windows 7 preinstalls has come to an end UPDATE

UPDATE: Thanks to Dan Edwards at Pact-One for this clarification. Windows 7 is no longer being preinstalled in new home PCs but it is available as a special order from Dell. You will be able to order a computer downgraded to Windows 7 Pro for at least 1 year or until Windows 10 is released whichever comes first.   Windows 7 Home, Home Premium and Ultimate can no longer be ordered.

If you want to buy a PC with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, or Ultimate preinstalled, you’d better buy it today. As noted earlier this year, October 31 is Microsoft’s cut-off date for OEM preinstalls of the consumer editions of Windows 7.

via Consumer Windows 7 preinstalls come to an end today | Ars Technica.

The biggest problem with this for dentists is that many of our primary legacy systems, like practice management and radiography have not been upgraded to use Windows 8 in an optimum manner.

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